CMS released a new ABN form effective 1/1/2021. The form itself looks very similar to previous versions. The documentation includes 26 pages of changes.

IMS is highlighting the section regarding optional use of the ABN for non covered services. For chiropractic this refers to all therapies performed by a chiropractor with the exception of chiropractic manipulation therapy (CMT).

Previously we would advise our chiropractic clients to include a notice similar to an ABN that informs the patient that only CMT is covered and any additional treatments would have to be paid out of pocket.

The new instructions state “CMS strongly encourages healthcare providers and suppliers to issue the ABN for care that is never covered.”

Certainly something to consider and may perhaps help alleviate the confusion around when an ABN is required and when it is only optional.

Original Medicare Beneficiary Liability Notice

The new ABN form and instructions can be found here:

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