Does IMS bill health insurance?

Yes! We are a medical billing company who specializes in billing personal injury but we do also bill health insurance.

We also some clients who hire us to only handle their personal injury billing and have another more traditional billing company handle health insurance or do that part in house.

Can IMS get me contracted with insurance companies?

Unfortunately, we are not a credentialing company. We do however partner with a company that does credentialing.

How much does IMS charge to do billing?

We get paid a percentage of what we collect for you. It is a great benefit to our clients because we do not get paid until you get paid.

Does IMS only work for medical providers?

No! We also work with law firms who handle Florida PIP litigation. We are able to send out pre-suit demands at a low cost to them.

We are also available to just do pre-suit demands for medical practices who have PIP cases without having to do their billing.