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IMS Clients

Included in our FL PIP claims service, we will send out Pre-Suit Demand letters on your behalf for all claims that are deemed to be insufficiently processed. Once a response is received, we will analyze each letter to ensure the issue has been resolved.  If not, we will prepare and deliver the necessary documents to one of our legal partners.

Law Firms

We work with PIP litigation firms as an option for them to outsource. Our system is completely flexible to your practice. We offer status reports and response delivery in an organized and efficient format. The best part is we can offer this service at a very low cost.

Medical Providers

Already setup with your billing? Have you ever had your PIP claims demanded? We can go back up to 5 years to make sure your practice has been properly reimbursed. We will work with your billing department whether it be in house or out sourced. The Law is constantly changing and you may be entitled to additional payment.

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